20 Oct

Top Notch Charlotte Nc Apartmnents

Quality is one of the major aspects that mustn’t be neglected or forgotten when it comes to hiring an apartment. Determining the quality of an apartment is very important and you need to ensure that you’re aware of the aspects that are associated with quality. If you’re searching for top notch charlotte nc apartmnents then it is crucial that you should make a list of your requirements as well. This will assist you to get an apartment that is perfect according to your requirements. While considering quality characteristics of apartments, one shouldn’t forget about air-conditioning. It is vital to get an apartment that is equipped with excellent air-conditioner.


12 Jun

Hundreds Gather in Uptown Charlotte for Equality March

CHARLOTTE — Hundreds gathered in Uptown Charlotte Sunday for the Equality March for Unity and Pride. It was one of many similar marches held in cities across the country.

For many Charlotte residents, this movement hit home since Charlotte was at the epicenter of a national conversation about LGBT rights last year.

“I think people are just really experiencing a strong sense of divide, and that they’re not equal and don’t matter,” said Charlotte resident Crystal Richardson. “I believe we’re all human beings and we all deserve dignity and it’s time for LGBT people to be visible and not live in fear."

And even though, House Bill 2 has been repealed, some advocates believe its replacement doesn’t protect the LGBT community.

Elizabeth City was the only other North Carolina city to host an Equality March on Sunday.

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06 Jun

There Are All Kinds Of Good Eats In Charlotte North Carolina

It is now time to revisit Charlotte NC, and I’ve got three more great picks for you. Let’s get right to it because I am anxious to see what’s next, aren’t you? This is one of the best cities in North Carolina. There are approximately 2000 restaurants. That being said, these three are top rated establishments, so that should really save you some time.

I am a sauce man when it comes to foods, and I am a spice man, too. That is why I picked this first top restaurant because it is called Sauceman’s. It is on West Boulevard, and brisket made the menu highlights. This is a delicious barbecue restaurant, and that sounds great that they are all about the sauce. Then you have the sides. The macaroni and cheese is made with a special white sauce according to reviewers.

The next spot is Living Kitchen, and you can find it on South Boulevard instead of West Boulevard like Sauceman’s. The menu highlights are interesting because burritos are listed alongside lasagna. That’s not the only unique aspect of this place, as you can throw in Thai cuisine, too. So if you are looking for a diverse menu at a top rated restaurant, why not check this place out?

Then there is 131 Main, and it is Rea Road. Does steak, cornbread and crab cakes sound tasty to you? Prime rib is also mentioned, and that is always delicious. One reviewer mentions that this establishment has a rather lively bar. We have now been to quite a few of those nearly 2000 restaurants that Charlotte has to offer. You have a lot of good picks, and you never know if you are going to be reading about more soon. I keep taking you to different cities, and I hope it inspires good times at new travel destinations, good eats to boot.

06 Jun

Mistrial Declared in Trial of NC Minister Accused of Assaulting Gay Church Member

RUTHERFORDTON, N.C. (AP) – A judge cited a juror’s misbehavior and declared a mistrial in the case of a North Carolina church minister accused in the beating of a congregant who says he was attacked to expel his "homosexual demons."

The judge immediately held the juror in contempt on Tuesday and sentenced him to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine for bringing in unspecified outside materials.

Brooke Covington, a longtime minister at Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, North Carolina, had faced up to two years in prison if convicted on charges of kidnapping and assaulting former member Matthew Fenner in January 2013.

Covington, 58, was the first of five church members to face trial in the case. Each defendant will be tried separately.

Fenner, who is now 23, says he was slapped, punched, choked and screamed at for two hours as they tried to expel his "homosexual demons."

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20 Oct

Affordable And Ideal Charlotte Nc Apartmnents

If you’re a tourist and you want to visit new and unique places then charlotte NC should be included in your considerations. There are many other superb cities of North Carolina that can also be great for tourism but there’s hardly any comparison of the charms, beauty, elegance and versatility of Charlotte NC. This is the reason that visitors, travelers and tourists from different parts of the world regularly visit this wonderful city. However, making accommodation arrangements is crucial before starting your journey. You shouldn’t be compromising on your accommodation because this is a vital aspect of tourism. If you’re going to get a house on rent then it wouldn’t be a good idea. Affording a house wouldn’t be easy. Similarly, if you’re thinking about charlotte nc apartmnents then your surely are thinking in a better way because they’re affordable and better accommodations in Charlotte.


20 Oct

Get Charlotte Nc Apartmnents In Affordable Price

Pricing is one of the crucial aspects that should be kept in mind whenever you’re going to purchase something new. You should be aware of the fact that neglecting the importance of price can lead to various issues. Price is vital when it comes to leasing an apartment. You should lease an apartment that suits your budgeting limitations. If you’re able to find an excellent apartment with brilliant features but the price of that apartment isn’t suitable for you then it’d be better for you to look for other apartments in the city. Finding superb charlotte nc apartmnents isn’t an issue though finding an affordable one may not be as easier as you’d like. You may need to get appropriate information about the average rents of apartments in Charlotte NC.


19 Oct

Excellent Charlotte Nc Apartmnents

Windy Creek and Steele Creek areas are considered to be great because they’re among the prime areas of Charlotte NC. If you’re planning to lease an apartment then you should consider those areas. Attaining an apartment in the best areas of the city will allow an individual to acquire desirable outcomes. One may think of leasing a house in Charlotte but one shouldn’t forget that affording a house in this city won’t be easy. Therefore, charlotte nc apartmnents are better as compared to charlotte houses. Apartments with affordable rents and reasonable prices should be given considerable importance. There’s no need to get yourself indulged in any financial problems by making an improper selection of an apartment. You should keep your minimum and maximum budget in your mind and get an accommodation accordingly.