It is now time to revisit Charlotte NC, and I’ve got three more great picks for you. Let’s get right to it because I am anxious to see what’s next, aren’t you? This is one of the best cities in North Carolina. There are approximately 2000 restaurants. That being said, these three are top rated establishments, so that should really save you some time.

I am a sauce man when it comes to foods, and I am a spice man, too. That is why I picked this first top restaurant because it is called Sauceman’s. It is on West Boulevard, and brisket made the menu highlights. This is a delicious barbecue restaurant, and that sounds great that they are all about the sauce. Then you have the sides. The macaroni and cheese is made with a special white sauce according to reviewers.

The next spot is Living Kitchen, and you can find it on South Boulevard instead of West Boulevard like Sauceman’s. The menu highlights are interesting because burritos are listed alongside lasagna. That’s not the only unique aspect of this place, as you can throw in Thai cuisine, too. So if you are looking for a diverse menu at a top rated restaurant, why not check this place out?

Then there is 131 Main, and it is Rea Road. Does steak, cornbread and crab cakes sound tasty to you? Prime rib is also mentioned, and that is always delicious. One reviewer mentions that this establishment has a rather lively bar. We have now been to quite a few of those nearly 2000 restaurants that Charlotte has to offer. You have a lot of good picks, and you never know if you are going to be reading about more soon. I keep taking you to different cities, and I hope it inspires good times at new travel destinations, good eats to boot.

There Are All Kinds Of Good Eats In Charlotte North Carolina